Are you celebrating your birthday soon? Surprise your guests with reusable and personalized cups. Choose unique glasses, your image and with the colors and theme of your party. You can choose a design or a photo to personalize your glass.

Believe me, it is an original solution to mark your birthday! It will also contribute to a sustainable development and show your guests your commitment in protecting our planet. Do you want to know the advantages of these cups? The steps to create the bespoken cup? Or who to buy personalized cups from? GobeletCup® tells you everything!

Your personalized birthday cup

We know it is an important day for you! For that reason, GobeletCup® proposes personalized reusable cups!

You can create it to your liking, by choosing the cup’s color, and the design printed on it.
We have several colors of cups: blue, red, orange, green, etc.

Recyclable glasses come in various formats, from the 4cl shot glass to the standard 20, 30 and 40cl glasses, to the 50cl and 1 liter large format glasses.

And not only that! If you have a special theme, you can choose wine glasses, which are also customizable!

anniversaire 183x300 - Personalized birthday cups

Our tailor-made personalization service offers you the possibility to highlight the illustration of your choice, in a glass that you will also have previously selected.

Your guests will be totally seduced with your unique and original glasses!

Here are the reasons for choosing a personalized cup on your birthday.

Still not sure if you are going to choose personalized cups for your birthday? We will now present the reasons and show you that it is the best idea to celebrate your day.

Our recyclable cups, frosted or opaque, are unbreakable and reusable. You will no longer have to worry about replacing and buying new tableware, especially if you use the rental service.

Say goodbye to dirty glasses on the floor after the party! You won’t have to wash and recover them after your birthday. Your guests will go home with their personalized glasses. This is one less task on your list.

This way you can offer a reminder of your birthday and contribute to sustainable development and protection of the environment. A unique and original concept that will be in line with your wishes. In addition, we offer a complete range of reusable tableware. Do not hesitate and start right away selecting your favorite glass! It is a safe choice.

GobeletCup® is your ally in the production of high quality personalized cups! You will find everything you need, from cutlery to the jug!

Our company is committed to offering a quality service that meets your expectations. You can also choose between serigraphy or digital printing. In addition, we guide and support you throughout the project.

We do everything to make your birthday a success. Don’t wait any longer and entrust the production of your personalized cups to GobeletCup®!