A personalized cup for your company? Of course! With the new laws on the energy transition to green growth, the use of disposable tableware, plastic straws or disposable cups is now prohibited.

It is important to replace these materials with containers containing biological components. The ban on plastic benefits the search for alternative ecological solutions and contributes to sustainable the environment development and protection.

So why not opt for a recyclable and personalized cup for your business?

It is by far the best alternative and GobeletCup® gives you every reason to start!

Reasons for choosing an advertising glass.

If you take a look at the trash can next to the coffee machine or water dispenser in your office, what can you see?

An accumulation of plastic waste! They have become very present in our daily lives.

Choosing recyclable cups for your company means choosing an economical and ecological solution. The use of disposable plastic cups implies a monthly investment. By adopting reusable cups, you can make monthly savings and invest elsewhere.

Entreprise - Personalized cups for companies

There are solutions to replace plastic cups, but we will explain to you why recyclable and reusable cups are the best option. Say goodbye to the use of disposable cups in your company!

You can transform these recyclable cups into advertising objects. Indeed, they will be very useful for effective communication.

Promote your company through advertising cups! GobeletCup® allows you to personalize the glasses with your company logo.
Your brand present in your consumers minds!

Would you like to have a welcome kit?

This kit allows you to reinforce the communication of your company, at the same time, give a positive image of it.

Effectively, your company will be seen as an innovative, modern and protective factor of our planet.

GobeletCup® has several reusable and customizable solutions for your welcome kit!

To receive a new employee or, in these times of health crisis, for hygiene reasons, you will undoubtedly impress with the advertising glasses, and show sympathy and professionalism.

In this kit, you can add a reusable transparent bottle. Our GobeletCup® products have a wide range of reusable glasses to answer your request: shot glass (4cl), standard glasses (20cl, 30cl and 40cl), large size glasses (50cl and 1 liter). Choose your favorite! You can personalize our products with your company logo.

If you like this concept, you can always contact us using our form or through the following telephone number +33 1 76 21 19 98. 

At a time when companies are increasingly sensitive to protecting our planet and reducing waste, GobeletCup® proposes the recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic cup.

This very environmentally friendly plastic material allows an almost total reduction of its waste. This is a sustainable and ecological solution!

And not only that! You can also take advantage of our personalization services, in serigrafy or digital with your company logo or the design of your choice, but you also have a complete range of reusable tableware at your disposal.

Together, we can act in favor of sustainable development and environmental protection.

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