What does the law say about disposable plastics?

The fight against disposable plastics did not start yesterday! This war implies the prohibition of using: cups, bags, spoons, cotton swabs and other disposable plastic products.

The European Union and all the countries involved have found that the rate of production of plastic waste reaches almost 25 million tonnes per year.

This pollution takes, on average, dozens of years to disappear. It is for this reason that several texts have been voted on in recent years, whether in France or in other European countries, with the aim of prohibiting companies from producing, using or marketing these plastic materials. It is important to remember that if a company does not respect these laws, it will face administrative and / or criminal penalties.

The Environment Code provides for a penalty of up to 2 years in prison and a fine of 100,000€!

ensemble pour l%E2%80%99ecologie - Eco-responsible glasses: an ecological alternative

Reusable cups: a good alternative during your events

Did you know that the reusable cup is solid and can be reused up to 150 times? At the end of life, they are recycled and can be transformed into various products of our daily lives. The goal is to give a new life to these products, which can also be produced from recycled materials.

The impact on the environment is therefore minimal, except for the consumption of water for washing.

It is the perfect solution for your events and concerts, and you can personalize it. Effectively, choose your logo or an illustration that you want to highlight, for printing on reusable cups. They can be used to serve desserts, ice cream, juices and even alcoholic beverages.

Concept of return:

For each glass not returned, the organization earns 1€, thus allowing to amortize / refund the purchase of the glasses. It is an easy way to promote your event and achieve a profitable margin.
On the other hand, people will not leave the glasses on the floor, because they know that they have paid a deposit to have this glass. Participants decide to return the glass to their stand, or keep it as a souvenir from the event!
Say goodbye to glasses mirrored on the floor at the end of your event!

GobeletCup®: high quality plastic cups

GobeletCup® offers a tailor-made personalization service, which allows you to personalize reusable cups with your logo, image or design of your choice. The design can represent an event, a sponsor or any illustration you want to highlight.

These visuals can contain up to 2 colors in serigraphy and without color limitation in digital printing.

Personalization adds an original touch to your glasses.

Gobeletcup® high-quality plastic cups are available in “frost”, but also in a wide variety of opaque colors. They are always intact after hundreds of washes, even in the dishwasher. The vast majority of event organizers sponsor glasses for drink suppliers. The serigraphed cups then serve as advertising support and as a souvenir for the public.

Contact Gobeletcup® for your reusable cups

For you, an entrepreneur and organizer aware of being a part in sustainable development, this product transforms your events into eco-events, and the habits of your team into eco-gestures.

At a time when companies are increasingly opting for an ecofriendly activity and want to reduce waste, GobeletCup® offers you the recyclable plastic cup.

Say goodbye to the disposable and choose sustainable today! Transform your team’s habits into ecological gestures for all your local, national or international events: festivals, fairs, concerts, beaches, big events, garden parties, etc.